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Frank Shamrocks life story is the warriors code. From humble, adoptive beginnings to UFC world champion, today Shamrock is recognized as the first true mixed martial artist and most influential pioneer in the sport.


Frank Shamrock speaks worldwide to various organizations on a number of important topics: Inspiration & Motivation, Branding & Marketing, Business & Life Management, Anti Bully & Child Abuse


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Frank’s quotes, fighting technique, persona, and performances as a fighter have been copied in all forms of entertainment. Fans around the world recognize Frank as the pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts for becoming the sports’ first complete fighter and is credited with launching the sport on network television.

Martial Artist

Shamrock holds significant records in multiple combat sports formats that stand today, has sold out arenas and generated record breaking audience tune in all over the world and has always dedicated himself to teaching and coaching throughout his career. Today Frank Shamrock works steadily as a broadcaster, actor, motivational speaker, coach and mentor and these talents are regularly called on from all four corners of the globe.


Shamrock’s record breaking performances in the ring and cage characterized by captivating martial artistry and big wins in highly contested championship matches, catapulted him into the media making him an international pop star icon in TV, Motion pictures, newspapers and magazine’s virtually overnight.


Uncaged tells the whole story: neglect as a child, salvation under the foster father who took him in when no one else would, his desperate act of armed robbery and subsequent incarceration in state prison, and his eventual rebirth as a cage fighter who would go on to dominate the entire sport for the next two decades.

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